Frequently Asked Questions
NASF 2020 Accident and Liability Insurance Plans

Accident & Liability ‐ When is coverage effective?
Coverage is effective immediately upon receipt of the enrollment form and premium payment. Coverage ends 12:01am January 1st 2021

Accident & Liability – Once registered for an NASF insurance policy, during what activities is a team covered by the policy?
North American Sports Federation (NASF) registered roster players are covered when playing or practicing for the team manager and sponsor in which the policy is written.

Accident & Liability ‐ Does my insurance coverage follow me to tournaments?
NASF registered teams are covered in tournaments in which players are included on the NASF roster and are playing with the team manager and sponsor for which the policy is written. However, if you are hosting a tournament in which non‐NASF teams are participating, a separate NASF Tournament Insurance Package would need to be purchased in order to secure coverage. .

Accident & Liability ‐ Are there policy exclusions?
Yes. There are exclusions in every insurance policy. Contact your NASF insurance administrator for specific policy details.

Accident & Liability ‐ Does a NASF tournament have to purchase tournament insurance to be a sanctioned tournament?
When hosting a tournament if every participating team is registered with the NASF, tournament insurance does not need to be purchased. However, if non‐NASF teams are participating in, NASF Tournament Insurance must be purchased for every team. For more information about tournament insurance and rate cards, view the NASF Brochure.

Accident & Liability ‐ My local recreation council puts together an invitation‐only fall league in October. As the team manager, is my insurance policy valid regardless of who plays on my team?
If your team is playing under the same roster, manager and sponsor for which insurance was originally purchased, your team has coverage until January 1, 2021. If new teams are formed or changes to your roster occur, a new insurance must be purchased. Fall league insurance is available at reduced rates.

Accident – Does the NASF accident insurance cover all of my medical expenses for injuries during practice or play?
Insurance policies typically require their policy holders to contribute deductible payments, dependent upon your policy. NASF plans are not healthcare policies; rather they are intended to be supplemental policies. The NASF member accident policy is intended to cover expenses not covered by other insurance, including group healthcare policies. When a covered NASF member does not have other insurance, NASF insurance pays on a primary basis and is subject to deductible or policy limitations. All NASF accident policies have a $0 deductible, with the exception of the following sports: adult field hockey, adult soccer, adult lacrosse, and adult flag football.

Accident – Are dental injuries covered by the NASF accident policy?
If the dental injury is caused by the covered accident there is coverage for only sound natural teeth subject to any policy limitations.

Accident – What is the quickest way to get my claim paid?
For instructions on how to file a claim, please visit the NASF Claim Instructions, or call toll‐free (800)634‐8626.

Liability ‐ Are waivers required for all participants?
This is dependent on the insurance option purchased. The NASF encourages all managers to obtain waivers from all participants. Waivers are available for printing here.

Liability ‐ My team and roster are registered with the NASF, but one/some of my players have not signed the participant waiver. Are they covered? Ex: pick up players
If your team purchased an insurance package with a waiver requirement your team should have a documented procedure whereby they obtain signed waiver and release forms from all participants. Players who have not submitted the proper waiver are not eligible for coverage under NASF policies. If a procedure is in place the less likely it will be that insurance coverage will be denied.

Liability ‐ Does the NASF general liability insurance cover leagues and teams for all lawsuits?
NASF general liability insurance provides coverage against accusations of negligence pertaining to bodily injury and property damage. There are various categories of liability insurance policies that the NASF does not provide, including but not limited to: liquor liability, auto liability, and directors and officer’s liability.

Liability ‐ What is Directors and Officers Liability Insurance?
Often referred to as D&O Insurance, this type of insurance policy provides coverage for certain lawsuits stemming from team/league decisions such as coach or player selection. D&O insurance may be purchased from the NASF

Liability ‐ Does liability insurance cover teams and leagues when they are participating in non‐NASF tournaments?
Yes. Teams insured through the NASF member insurance plan are covered while participating in non‐NASF tournaments.

Liability ‐ My adult softball team is a member team of NASF and has purchased the Adult Liability Only Plan, do I have accident insurance?
No. You only have accident insurance if the plan purchased by the team included the accident insurance option.