Scott Greiner

North American Sports Federation

Softball Guidelines

  • The rules for NASF softball will refer to ASA rule book other than specified NASF rules
  • All teams that play NASF will have to register NASF for $15.00
  • All bats that are ASA,USSSA and NSA approved will be permitted in NASF play
  • Teams will not be classified in NASF. All NASF tournaments will be bracket play
  • Orange bag at first base is being used  runner does not step on orange when a play is being made on the runner at first base it is an immediate out called by umpire
  • Homerun rule is 1 per inning during bracket play. When elimination play begins all levels will be 1 homerun per inning. The highest level in elimination play will be 1homerun per inning and also a designated homerun hitter will be announced before game begins. That player will remain the designated homerun hitter for duration of the game. If the designated homerun hitter is walked for any reason. Homerun hitter will be placed on 2ndbase (not 1st base).
  • Courtesy runners can be used 1 time per inning. Anyone can be used. If courtesy runner is on base at time of next at bat, it will result in an automatic out.
  • Anyone hosting a NASF sanctioned league or tournament may adjust the rules as long as they provide, in writing, changes to all participating teams.